Salmon Creek Beach

Salmon Creek Beach

GPS coordinates:

38.3573 -123.0681

LiMPETS site since:



Salmon Creek Beach is located on the Sonoma Coast,  2.5 north of Bodega Bay along Highway One.


Driving north along Highway One from Bodega Bay, cross over Salmon Creek and park in the Sonoma Coast State Beach parking lot on the left side of the road.


Portable toilets are located at the south end of the large parking area.

Site description:

Walk down the trail that leads to the beach located at the north end of the lot. There are two areas where LiMPETS surveys are conducted. From the end of the trail, the ‘south’ site is located slightly north along the beach, along the open, wave-swept part of the beach. It marked by a small rocky outcrop just offshore. The ‘north’ site is located a few hundred meters north of the “south’ site, inside a small cove-like, more protected portion of beach.

Permit and visitor information:

Part of the Sonoma Coast State Beach, Salmon Creek Beach is a protected area for the western snowy plover. The beach is a nesting area for this small bird, a threatened species because of loss of nesting habitat due to human development, invasion of European beach grass and predation by ravens, foxes, domestic dogs and cats.Dogs and fires on these beaches are prohibited. No permit is required for monitoring; however, if you plan to collect crabs for parasite analysis, a fishing license or scientific collecting permit is needed. Call the park at (707) 875-3483 to let them know of your plans to monitor.

Contact your LiMPETS site coordinator:

Farallones Marine Sanctuary Association  The Presidio, 991 Marine Drive, San Francisco, CA 94129  (415) 561-6625 x303

Salmon Creek Beach